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Barrie Stark

Barrie StarkI began learning to paint in the winter of 2013, after an inspiring trip to Belfast, Maine, which has a very large art community. I had never tried painting before, but I felt a calling so I had to try it!

I started to learn painting with acrylics, then I switched to oils. At first learning by trying to copy the masters, then went on to develop my own style, which seems to keep changing depending on the subject matter and medium. In January 2016, I decided to try watercolor painting, and found a new obsession! I am teaching myself, so again, my style keeps changing with each new painting.

I find painting gives me the feeling that meditation gives to other people. I like the feeling of using a different part of my brain, free from the minutia of the day. Free to let my mind wander and express my feelings with the brush, paint and whatever other tool serves my purpose that day, for that painting. (Paper towels and palette knife are just about my favorite tools ever!)

I hope my work represents a sense of quiet, calm, peace and dreams. Painting makes me feel all of those things.

You can Google my work at Barriestarkart
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