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Eileen Ziegler

Eileen ZieglerEileen Ziegler paints because she is inspired by the beauty of nature and the richness of life. She has been sharing her art with others for many years. Her arts education has been primarily in graphic arts in community college classes and the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she graduated with an AAS degree. She worked full time for five years as a graphic artist until she left to raise her family.

She then taught art at a parochial elementary school for six years, where she created the play scenery and a lunchroom mural along with her students. She painted liturgical scenes and a large nativity triptych for her church and has been commissioned to paint landscapes and murals.

Since moving to the rural countryside of South Harrison Township six years ago, Eileen has begun to paint more regularly. She enjoys riding her bike and stopping along the way to shoot reference photos for her paintings.