Permanently Closed

Joan Stoltzfus

My love for photography started when I was young. I grew up having a Brownie camera, and in ‘those days’ that was the equivalent of a point & shoot. As I grew older, I continued taking pictures of my dog, my friends, whoever was willing and in front of my camera. I still continue to follow this love for photography; and like life, is still evolving.

I’m currently completing a course entitled, “Seeing Through Photographs” by The Museum of Modern Art, through Coursera. In one of the study forums, someone remarked, “Art is an accumulation of experiences, reactions, feelings, emotions, recordings, interpretations, and material things.” This is exactly what photography is.

Similar to an artist, It’s that unique desire to create. It’s the moment when you want to take a particular image, and you examine why do I like the photograph I took, and what characteristics about these images do I like—and then you see the completed picture—and think, ‘here’s something I created’. And that is when it becomes most satisfying.

​I feel fortunate enough that through my involvement with the Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce, I have been able to gain further experience and confidence capturing people and event pictures.