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Myrissa McAndrews

Myrissa McAndrewsA painter, sculptor, and performance artist, Myrissa McAndrews creates in the name of utilizing art as a tool for healing. She practices in a variety of mediums from watercolors, charcoal, clay, concrete, metal, but has an affinity for oil paints. McAndrews is most well-known for her large dimensional abstract works featuring bold, interconnected colors.

Intuitively driven and emotionally charged, her process includes uninterrupted motion where each piece builds off itself- like an intricate system of roots spreading from a singular source. She shares this process through her Live Art Experience, where audiences can join each piece’s unique transformation from start to finish. McAndrews currently hosts a series Pop-Up Art Exhibits in the South Jersey area, that allows for emerging artists to showcase their work regardless of skill level and experience.

She has exhibited and donated multiple pieces across the country, most recently working with non-profits such as the Wigs for Wishes Foundation. In McAndrews’ latest community involvement, she organized a successful fundraising campaign and event for local four-year-old, Natalie Joan Cannella, battling Cerebral Palsy to secure her a wheelchair accessible van.

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