Permanently Closed

Norman Schmidt

Norman SchmidtMy art career began 50 years ago in the United States Air Force as an illustrator. After completing my 6-year commitment of preparing top secret illustrations and briefings, I turned my focus towards commercial advertising, graphic design, and photography for a variety of Fortune 500 clients — British Aerospace, Hughes Aviation, Panasonic, Sysco, Metrologic just to mention a few.

I have always loved art and returned to the “WHY” I was drawn into the art field. “Expressing a feeling, an emotion, a snapshot in time.” I’ve currently gained a renewed inspiration from Nelson Shanks, Studio Incamminat’s atelier education in the traditions of realism principles in my current drawings and paintings.

Today, I am now painting full time at my Sand Penny Farm Studio with my beautiful artist wife of 48 years Nancy.
I invite you to browse and view my gallery often, as new works are uploaded almost daily. 

“So much to paint and so little time.”