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Susan Blaker

Susan BlakerSusan is a graduate of Tyler School of Art, where she spent a semester abroad in Rome, Italy. She worked in the book publishing industry for a number of years, eventually resigning as art director to start a family in Wenonah, NJ. She began her freelance business shortly thereafter, providing book design and project management services to a variety of Philadelphia publishers. Missing the creativity of the fine arts, Susan returned to school, entering the Studio for Advanced Studies Program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Susan has exhibited in a number of juried shows throughout the area, including the Woodmere Art Museum, PAFA, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, the Plastics Club and Gloucester County College. A few of Susan’s smaller works can be found on consignment at PG&AC. She will also be exhibiting there in an upcoming show.

Susan likes to reduce an image down to it’s simplest terms, many times teetering on the edge of recognition and abstraction. She began the process while working with old photographs. She was fascinated with the compositions that were created by the loss of information, and the nostalgia attached to certain forms, shapes and patterns. To her, the process seemed a physical representation of how our own memories work. More recently, that exploration has led her into thoughts regarding her life in modern day suburbia, the recurring scenes of everyday life, things seemingly mundane and unnoticed. It is there that she searches for the forms that might remain from her current lifestyle, hoping that they will represent a time and place and possibly cause an emotional connection with those who may have shared similar circumstances.